The challenge

Our client, a multi-national hearing instrument company, needed a new sound processing algorithm to add to their offering. The main challenge was to implement an algorithm that significantly improves speech comprehension in difficult, noisy environments but with limited signal processing and memory resources available on the hearing aid device.  

How we helped

After identifying the prior-art, we proposed, developed and refined a new algorithm design that meets the client's requirements (speech comprehension improved with limited DSP resources). The algorithm was developed in compliance with the client's existing processes and systems (programming language, source code revision system, testing and documentation). The developed algorithm is fully compatible with the client's existing hearing instrument product (due to its efficient design and structure), and as a result, it is implementation-ready for commercialisation. 

Value delivered

We acted as a external R&D entity delivering a complete sound processing algorithm solution: from inception to implementation. The benefits to the client are that we created new intellectual property for them which is readily implementable in their product. Acting as an external R&D entity, we brought in fresh ideas and concepts to the project; this helped to 'think outside the box' and complemented the client's own R&D team, while strengthening the client's intellectual property foothold in this space.   



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