The challenge

Our client, is a large international technology licensing company in the consumer electronics space. The client needed to convert a large and complex audio processing library written in C-code from floating point to fixed point reference code. The client had no more engineering resources left as all team members were tied up with equally important projects. On top of this, the client had to deliver the converted and fully tested C library to their customers before a very aggressive deadline.

How we helped

We acted as a temporary engineering team member and worked closely with the client's engineering team. By synching up daily with the client, we were at all times on the same page and the client was able to track progress. We worked fully in accordance with the client's existing processes and systems (such as source code revision system, code review process, system testing and documentation).

We followed an Agile development style which allowed quick adaptation to difficulties and this helped deliver a fully tested, code reviewed and documented deliverable on time.   

Value delivered

The client was able to deliver their project on time to their customers, which is critical in the consumer electronics space. The client was able to deliver more projects than normally possible without hiring extra staff. By using our services, the client was able to get into 'overdrive' and keep a market advantage without the cost and time consuming task of hiring extra permanent staff.


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